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Cover art by  Cachet

Cover art by Cachet



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Throb Knob Job ON Sequel SounD | Clankshack

Sequel Sound Recordings is in its third year as a label. Like clockwork they have released their Seriously? compilation with a host of their Sequel Sound Alumni including Gene Mantua, Josh Mace, Glacial23 and ZanderOne. Clankshack (Llama A & Ian Dunn) were invited to be a part of this year’s compilation.

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Melt Tech Gonzo | Vincent Gordon

Vincent Gordon is a visual master. His art takes form in waves of trippy visuals. His newest creation Melt Tech Gonzo makes you want to melt right into the print. 

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Honey Hatter | Sean dietrich 

Sean Dietrich takes you down deep into the rabbit hole with his Alice in Wonderland series. Each print brings you further away from the reality you once knew. 



is not a final state of being but an ever expanding action of passion to collaborate and create more space for others to come.

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The Infusion Project Events

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The Infusion Project  x  BEAT LAB

The Infusion Project is teaming up with The Otsego to present an ongoing series at their Beat Lab located in North Hollywood. Get on the list to be a part of our exclusive screenings. 

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